About Us


Our Story

Having returned to Maun 5 years ago, to open a Coffee Shop it finally happened last year.

Dusty Donkey Café opened its doors on the 4 July 2019, and has not looked back.

Donkey’s are synonymous with Maun, downtrodden and unappreciated. When thinking of name for the Café, a friend suggested dusty donkey… there didn’t seem to be a better way to pay homage to these humble creatures.

The rest of the team, all local Motswana men and woman bring individual skills, or, have been trained, in-house, into the position they hold.  Young, vibrant people, wanting to be part of a growing business and offering the best they have.

Together we are creating a Coffee Shop and Café that offers fresh, delicious food exceptional coffee, cakes and pastries, all freshly prepared on site.  The atmosphere is buzzy but relaxed, tunes pay in the background and patrons are comfortable and leave satisfied.

The Dusty Donkey Team welcomes ‘the world’.